Connection and Healing

"Connection and Healing - Tools for Stress Relief and Resilience"- Recording of Special Event

I am delighted to share with you the recording of our recent special event on stress reduction and resilience, which brought together world-renowned experts to impart valuable tools and approaches for navigating times of uncertainty.

The meeting took place on 18.12.23 during the war and as a sign of identification and support for Israel and hundreds of people from Israel and the world attended the meeting.

Agenda Highlights

1. Key of Life – Movement, Awareness, and Healing Practice: Roni Weissman, MBA, a Chi-Kong Master and creator of the Key to Life, led a powerful session combining Chi-Kong, awareness, science, and medicine.

2. Mindfulness Meditation for Peace, Ease, and Connection: Tania Lowenthal, a mindfulness and meditation teacher, shared her expertise in creating a “space” for meditation and mindfulness practices.

3. Essential Breaks to Prevent Chronic Anxiety: Professor Elissa Epel, an international stress and well-being expert and author of “The Stress Prescription,” provided insights and practical tips.

4. A Spiritual Jewish Prayer: Rabbi Sydney Mintz, with 27 years of service at Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco, led a spiritually uplifting Jewish prayer.

5. Science-Based Stress Reduction Practices: Professor Elissa Epel returned to discuss breathing, hormetic stress, and somatic methods for stress reduction.

6. Building Communal Resilience: Dr. Jack Saul, a psychologist and family therapist, shared his expertise on collective trauma and healing.

7. “Ana Be Koach” – Chi-Kong Prayer: Master Roni Weissman concluded the evening with a Chi-Kong prayer.


1. Prof. Ellisa Epel
Stress Prescription book (free chapter)

2. Tania Lowenthal
You are welcome to join Tania Lowenthal’s new weekly 30 min meditation Schmanga by zoom, Monday 9am PST, 7pm IST,

3. Jack Soul

4. Roni Weissman’s website:
You are welcome to join Roni’s Key to Life Chi-Kong class

Feel free to revisit the insightful sessions and share this valuable resource with others

Much Love and Chi-

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